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The 2012 Season Opener for CSCS is here!

04 Jun, 2012

This season, a lot of challengers are expected to attempt to challenge the CSCS cayuga lap record set by Shasha Anis at the end of the season last year. Being the first event, of course many of those cars were not finished. But early in the morning, word went around 3 flatbeds of supercars were on the way. The driver? An unknown with apparently some competition track time from China.

The show and shine event for this event also included the Stretch and Poke meet. Which meant many were flushing throughout the event. Even with the scattered showers, the field was packed with cars and spectators. The lineup for the food vendors reached ~1 hour at one point! Scion, being the sponsor for this event, allowed spectators go for rides in the brand new Scion FR-S! Weather on the drag strip, or road course, we saw these FR-S, right off the dealer lot take spectators out. Thank you Scion for taking everyone out!

Near the end of the time attack, the unknown driver, who had his own umbrella girls and crew escorting his 2011 GTR to the starting line. The goal? To beat Shasha's 1:13.9 time. The result? 1:16.9. Although unable to set a track record, he was the fastest of the day.

This was a great start to the 2012 CSCS season! Looking forward to more future challengers for the lap record!

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