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3M Sun Gun 2

15 May, 2013

From the initial estimate to the final detailing, a perfectly repaired or restored vehicle requires a complete understanding of the damage, paint color and condition, and post-repair paint surface. In many body shops, this can be a challenge under harsh interior lighting or changing natural light.

Now, 3M is bringing bright daylight to wherever a shop professional needs it with the introduction of the new 3M™ PPS™ SUN GUN™ II Light Kit. The new 3M PPS SUN GUN II provides a wide, even light beam to illuminate pre- and post-repair paint surfaces for accurate estimates and the best quality repair.

The 3M PPS SUN GUN II improves on the original 3M PPS SUN GUN by increasing the battery run time, providing a wider, more even light beam, improving the battery charger and making the bezel more durable.

“When we first developed the 3M PPS SUN GUN, it changed the way body shop professionals evaluated surface imperfections,” said Marlyn Nelson, Marketing Manager, Automotive Paint Application Systems, 3M Automotive Aftermarket Division. “Now, our advanced lighting and battery technologies are allowing us to transform the 3M PPS SUN GUN II into a powerful weapon for perfect paint finishes.”

For estimators, the 3M PPS SUN GUN II can assist in clearly identifying damaged areas prior to writing the estimate. The 3M PPS SUN GUN II helps the estimator to clearly evaluate and validate the damaged areas of the car prior to beginning the repair process. Regardless of weather conditions, no matter where the vehicle is located, no matter how poor the lighting conditions, the estimator can evaluate the damage without having to move the vehicle.

Body repair experts can trust the 3M PPS SUN GUN II to help identify pre-paint defects such as pin holes, sand scratches and solvent-pop prior to applying primer or basecoat. This dramatically reduces the potential for re-work, re-dos or comebacks.

Paint professionals can use the 3M PPS SUN GUN II to choose the correct variant or alternative color chip, verify coverage and color match. The 3M PPS SUN GUN II will help the painter assess and select the paint that best represents the actual color of the vehicle being repaired. In the event the color does not match, the 3M PPS SUN GUN II, will assist the painter in determining what is necessary to correct the mismatch leading them closer to the correct match.

In the final detailing stages, detailers can identify post-paint defects such as swirl marks, burn through, sand scratches and dirt-nibs with the 3M PPS SUN GUN II. This allows them to identify paint defects that can be corrected in the shop environment without having to pull the car outside to examine. It also helps confirm that there are no defects before delivering the vehicle. This helps to avoid costly re-work and/or re-do's.

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