15 Jul, 2011

We are truly lucky to live in a world with so many beautiful women; our latest model spotlight brings us to Malaysia where we caught up with Cassandra who not only inspired us with her beauty but wanted to showcase herself in her own words.

Words from Cassandra

As a lady, to me, I would say that owning a car is a joy that I cannot explain further. For me, I am very much contented with any car that could drive me from one destination to other, that would be sufficient for me. But, when comes to my personal DREAM car, I would confidently say that it’s BMW! Since young, I have been admiring and dreaming to own a BMW someday. Few words to describe why I like BMW. It is Comfortable, classy, durable and definitely outshines other cars.

I remembered the first time I desired to be a model was when I saw a billboard with a picture of models in it. I was mesmerized by their beauty and elegance. That was my story. Modelling has been my passion since i was at the age 10. What drives my motivation to model is my PASSION towards Fashion, style and the artistic sense when comes to photoshooting. For me, modelling is not something that we do for just to flaunt our pretty faces and curvest bodies. But, it is about our inner-self such as our attitudes and personalities. Yes, modelling is and always will be my passion but what lies greater than my passion that keeps me going is my desire to teach and influence the younger girls about values that a girl should have and hold on to.

I would like to impact the younger girls by showing them being a model does not mean it is all about physical attributes and external look, simply because outward beauty does not last. People may think that i’m overstating or trying to be good, but the matter of the fact is that, beauty has alot to do with self esteem and confidence within. What matters most is being true and genuine to who we are.

Photos by Benson Yin

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