CR-Z race car

02 Jun, 2011

From our friend at JDM Clips with no exaggeration, this car was so fast that went over my expectation.

The track was a small parking space where low-end torque was needed, and corners pretty tight. This CR-Z had the most stiff springs that perfectly matched the race track road condition, but not quite at all on this bumpy parking space road. So the car was constantly bouncing up and down during most of the time on track, but due to its light-weight, low-heighted body with semi-slick tires, made it go really fast. Compared to Honda S2000 I personally own, I will say the acceleration was even, but this CR-Z was faster at cornering under this specific track layout.

Detailed spec is not available for this car, but I assume they did something with both engine and electric motor. Needless to say, the body should weigh less than 1,000kg. I am guessing Honda and Mugen are trying to find a way and a potential of CR-Z Type R through this kind of development. In fact, they have made 4 of these CR-Z Race Cars for racing purposes, and I think that is too much an investment if they just want to have fun and entertain people. There should be a further intention hidden behind.

[Car Info] Car Name: CR-Z Challenger MUGEN
Maintainance: Mugen
Drivers: Takuya Izawa, Naoki Yamamoto, Shinya Hosokawa
[youtube][/youtube] JDM Clips

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