05 Dec, 2011

It was unfortunate this year that I had the miss the 2011 Rally of the Tall Pines. Being from Toronto, this Tall Pines Rally about 3-4 hours away would be the nearest rally of this sort. This year, local Leo Urlichich (CrazyLeo) and co-driver Martin Brady won the Tall Pines rally with a time of 1:59:04.8. It was also nice to see the top 5 places held by Subaru.

Days after the Rally, the team that helped CrazyLeo called us up to check out the car and meet Leo himself! Ofcourse I accepted and headed towards Can-Jam Motorsports. Arriving at the shop, I was greeted by Leo himself and behind him were the "beast" and the "bastard". Both Subaru WRX STi. Both cars looked amazingly clean considering that 48 hours ago, it was in a dirt rally. Sitting down and chatting with Leo, you really get the feeling of just how much this man loves the rally, it is his dream. Leo loves giving back to the community as well, offering rides and prizes every year.

With screaming neon graphics all over the "beast", it was sitting behind us quietly waiting for its portrait shot. Walking up to the car face to face, you see it, on the hood, "Living the Dream". As I started to think about the full meaning behind those words, Crazy Leo jumps up onto the carbon hood with the massive tallpines trophy. With half the hood caved in under his crazy leo bum, I got my first shot...

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