CSCS 2012 – Round 3 – Mosport

17 Jul, 2012

The third round of CSCS, held at mosport's drivers development track was expected to be packed weeks before. Track spots were filled early on and they were unable to take any more late registrations. Spots for show, vendors, and track were setup and it would turn out to be a great great day... minus a few minor incidents...

The day started off humid, hot, sunny, and the smell of race gas filled the air. Space was clearly tight at this venue so everyone had to squeeze their cars close together, the main thing was that there was a good view of the whole track so spectators could see the drifting and time attack.

Early on the during the lapping, the EK honda civic from MY Racing entered a corner a little too face and flipped over, the driver was okay because of all the safety equipment, but the car seemed to be a total lost. The weather quickly turned into rain after lunch which made the time attack very interesting as some had to set their time in pouring rain while others were able to have a decently dried track.

During this time, many staff from CSCS were also seen going around judging cars for the show and shine competition. Competing for the best trophies, many were seen drying off their cars from the rain to make sure their cars were in the most perfect condition.

The day ended with a bikini contest. Spectators were able to vote for the best bikini girl on stage. Even with sound technical difficulties, a top model was chosen in the end. Great job to the CSCS team for quickly going through all the judging, time keeping, registration... and in between all of that, ensuring equipments and spectators were protecting from the weather! Great job! =) The last two CSCS events will be held at Toronto Motorsports Park next month! Many are still waiting to compete for the lap record! See you all there!

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