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Emily Duong

16 Apr, 2013

So for our newest girl, we have Emily Duong. With interests like Martial Arts and Figure Skating, it’s quickly evident that the pics we have come nowhere close to showing us how graceful she really must be. Then again, I probably don’t wanna get my butt kicked with a real-life demo of either. So let’s get to know Emily!

First, we’ll start with the basics!

Stats: 32D 25 35

Ethnicity: Vietnamese, Chinese, German, Irish

Likes: Sunshine, rainbows and dancing kittens- hehehe :P. There are many things that I like, just very few things that I can love ;). But to answer your question; I like old chinese films, bike riding, driving in a new city, finding an awesome mom-and-pop shop. I like to play with my food, drink my coffee slow and feeling productive. Oh, and there's something very likable about rain on a sunny day 😉

Dislikes: I dislike rain on a cold day

Hobbies: Martial Arts, Wushu, Figure Skating, web browsing, people watching, and sometimes I'll just write and daydream, ponder, wonder about the meaning of life. 😛

Current Car: I wish I can say it was something fancy or cool but I drive a 2007 Toyota Yaris, bought it myself. It beeps at me when I don't put on my seat belt and rattles a little when I drive over 60 mph, so I turn the music up higher to fix those problems.

Dream Car: Something electric. I'm a simple girl.

Now that we have the basic questions out of the way, let us know what got you into modeling? I entered a model search for an apparel company through Michelle Phan's YouTube channel when I was 19 - since then I've been the spokesmodel for that company and other apparel and production companies. Even before I established in my mind that I was a "model", I was getting jobs and offers through word of mouth, I couldn't deny that maybe I had something unique to offer to the camera and to those I was working with.

Sounds like you hit the ground running. What's your favorite part about modeling? Meeting new people, seeing new things and new places. My strong support system with my family, friends and fans. I think they see something more in me than I may not see in myself sometimes.

It’s always good to keep in mind what’s important. I like that. If you had to pick a word to describe you…just one…what would it be? Unique...

“Unique”, indeed! Do you have any hidden talents? Besides kicking ass and the ability to walk in 6 inch heels, I sing really well in the shower.

A triple threat! Turn-ons? Bowties, tattoos, and musical talents. Not necessarily in combination.

Turn-offs? When you drive too close to the wheel! Does it get cramped? And it looks funny.

What is one of your guilty pleasures? Travel Channel. I could watch Zimmern and Bourdain all day. Oh god, and don't get me started on Man versus Food. I'm sorry, you asked for one?

I’ll allow it. Favorite movie? All Pixar Films make me cry.

Up gets me, everytime….wait…you didn’t hear that. What's on heavy repeat in your iPod, right now? From the motion picture "Drive"- A Real Hero by College.

Where can fans find you? (twitter, facebook, myspace): Twitter: @eDuong, Facebook: facebook.com/asiandorkable, Youtube: Asiandorkable, Tumblr: Asiandorkable

Any additional shout-outs? Shout-out to my Mark Fuentes for setting this up!

Car: Goofball's Z
Photos: Rsellos
Interview: Mark Fuentes

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