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Falken Tire Formula D NJ Experience

29 Jun, 2012

Our experience kicks off on the drive down to New York from our home base in Montreal; once we arrive and meet out family at High End Performance NY we begin to start cleaning up our 370Z getting it nice and ready for Formula D Round 4: The Gauntlet.

After a quick 2 hour nap we're back at it with the goal to get the Z to the track. This is the first drive where we get to try the new Grip Falken FK453 tires which were installed a day earlier. On the drive I noticed that the new tires were nice, smooth and grab very well on all the banked on-ramps between Long Island and New Jersey.

The 96 degree weather combined with the lack of sleep made for a rough morning but we were determined; once we arrived at the track everyone stared at the car as if we were going to drift it (and believe us we wanted to) but our goal was to find the Falken Tire booth first. After driving through an army of teams before Bradley at Falken spotted us. Bradley showed us our VIP parking spot for the weekend and we started to clean off the car again. Seeing all the professional drivers and their cars close up is truly an unmatched experience. Team Falken really made us feel part of their family while we represented them during Formula D; the entire experience was professional and we had a blast. Being in the booth was a real honor and we look forward to partnering with Falken again.

Photos by KC Image & Karel Chladek

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