The Hater Archives – Vol.1 – Haters

28 Feb, 2012

Coming up with blog ideas can be tough; with that being said I've decided to discuss my biggest pet peeve, haters. I realize by discussing this topic it makes me a hypocrite but hey, what is a guy to do?

I'm hoping these segments will cause people to think and question what they hear and hopefully even research anything they want more information on as there are tons of resources and forums on the internet and not just rely on what other people hear. I'm not claiming to be an expert but this series of blogs will recall numerous occasions where I've heard things, shook my head and laughed.

Why are there so many F@#%ing Haters in the car scene? What purpose do they serve? Why do they waste their breathe? Please don't answer, these are rhetorical questions as haters have absolutely no value to anyone. A Hater is someone who simply cannot be happy for somebody else's work, effort, originality or success. Most haters start off as jealous individuals who don't understand anything about cars.

Just so we're clear there is a difference between critiquing somebody's build to just plain hating somebody's build.

Example of Critique: If I built that car I probably wouldn't have used that spoiler, I would have left it wingless.

Example of Hater: F@#%ing Ricer!

The car scene is full of people from different backgrounds and lifestyles who are all brought together by their passion for cars; with that being said styles are cyclical and most will come full circle to be popular again.

Here are my Top 10 'Hater' observations for 2012:

10. Haters think all bodykits are rice whether it's WingsWest or Veilside
9. Haters don't know the difference between WingsWest or Veilside
8. Haters do not consider aftermarket 'JDM' parts as JDM
7. Haters refer to every aftermarket exhaust as a 'fart can'
6. Haters only buy replica parts as the original engineers didn't know what they were doing anyway
5. Haters only like 1 make or model and do not appreciate any other vehicles
4. In the debate of Form>Function or Function>Form their heads explode as 'Haters' do not know the difference
3. Haters need to be told what's popular so they can follow it
2. Haters think the fastest way to earn respect and popularity is by doing burn-outs in crowded parking lots at meets and events
1. Haters don't own a car

Even though every builder builds a car for themselves; if we don't stop 'haters' it will kill the car scene as people will just stop showing up for events, meets or whatever. The next time you're at an event and don't understand why somebody did something to their car, or you see something strange and not sure what it's used for, ASK! Most people are happy to talk about their cars and if you're too shy, research it at home, just don't call it rice and walk away.

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