Honda Fit High-Boost Supercharger Kit

28 Sep, 2009

How does 164 whp and 10 psi for your first-generation (’07-’08) Honda Fit sound? KraftWerks knows the answer, and is proud to announce its all-new Honda Fit High-Boost Supercharger Kit complete with an under-hood intercooler, cowl induction kit, and Hondata engine management.

Like all KraftWerks supercharger systems, the High-Boost Honda Fit Kit provides you with reliable, turn-key horsepower, whether daily driving’s the goal or track day performance. Each high-boost kit is based off of KraftWerks’ already popular Honda Fit Base Supercharger Kit, which features the remarkable and proven C15-60 Rotrex supercharger. But there’s more to it than that. KraftWerks called upon the engineers at Hondata to tailor the Fit’s ECU to high-boost duties. The ECU’s fuel and ignition maps have been calibrated to the kit’s RC Engineering 310cc fuel injectors to offer you a true plug-and-play solution that’s safe, reliable, and functions with the stock header/catalytic convertor combo or any number of full-race exhaust manifolds. Hondata also lowered the VTEC window for improved driveability, removed the speed limiter, and raised redline to 7,100 rpm. The result is the perfect compromise between daily driving and track performance. Hondata’s Honda Fit ECU reflash is available exclusively through KraftWerks and is currently the only Fit tuning solution available.

Safety and reliability is further enhanced with an intercooler package. We knew that KraftWerks customers wanted an intercooler, but we also knew that they weren’t interested in ditching their fog lights or chopping up their front bumpers just to get a front-mount intercooler to fit. KraftWerks’ Honda Fit cowl intercooler system is the answer. Each High-Boost Supercharger Kit includes a high-flow, air-to-air intercooler that mounts neatly under the hood, in between the throttle body and radiator, and picks up airflow from the KraftWerks intercooler cowl, also included. The carbon-fiber cowl fits in place of the small, plastic pop-out master cylinder inspection cover located just below the windshield where high-pressure air is trapped and diverted across the intercooler. The entire kit bolts on without any cutting or permanent modifications to the vehicle and includes provisions for both the intake air temperature sensor and the supercharger bypass valve. If the system sounds familiar to you, it should. OEMs like Subaru utilize a similar cowl setup on its powerful WRX and STi, where reliability is just as crucial as performance.

KraftWerks’ all-new Honda Fit High-Boost Supercharger Kit measures in at 164 whp and 132 lb-ft of torque at only 10 psi, flowing through the OEM exhaust manifold and a Skunk2 cat-back exhaust system. Gains as high as 7 whp and 13 lb-ft of torque more have been found just by replacing the restrictive, OEM exhaust manifold with a free-flowing aftermarket piece.

Each KraftWerks Honda Fit High-Boost Supercharger Kit includes each of the Honda Fit Base Kit’s components along with a high-flow intercooler solution, cowl scoop, intercooler cover, cowl flex hose, Hondata ECU box and prepaid shipping label, RC Engineering 310cc fuel injectors, and plug-and-play fuel injector clips.


  • 75-Percent HP Increase
  • Rotrex C15-60 Supercharger
  • Rotrex Self-Contained Oiling System with Oil Cooler
  • Hondata/KraftWerks ECU Reflash
  • RC Engineering 310cc Fuel Injectors
  • Plug-and-Play Fuel Injector Connectors
  • Automatic Belt Tensioning System
  • Recirculating Bypass Valve
  • Aluminum Intake and Discharge Piping
  • High-Quality CNC-Machined Brackets
  • High-Quality Metric Fasteners and Hardware
  • Side-Mount Intercooler
  • Carbon-Fiber Cowl
  • Carbon-Fiber Intercooler Duct

Retail Price: $4495

Compatible only with USDM, L15A engine and manual transmission.

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