Krisana Yamapevan

31 Mar, 2011

Nature Vs. Nurture

Krisana Yamapevan helps us answer the an age-old question

By Mark Fuentes

Is perfection born or is it developed?

After meeting Krisana, you might have to argue that it's both.

Her 100% natural physique goes to show she started out with the right genes.  Throw in classes for Tennis, Swimming, Piano, Singing, Dance, Acting, and Modeling from the age of five, and you end up as close to perfect as anybody is gonna get.

Being born and raised in New York, she also attended weekend classes in reading, writing, and speaking Thai as well as classes in Thai music and dance to maintain a firm grasp on her Thai heritage.  As if to rub it in, she just recently earned a degree in Business Management.

So...with a combination of nature and nurture, we arrive at the following checklist:

Beauty?  Check.  Talent?  Check. Culture?  Check.  Brains?  Check.

Tell me she's not perfect.


IO: It seems you were a busy kid with all those things to do.  What were some of your favorite activities?

K: My mom forced me into taking everything so that when I got older, I'd know what I want to do in life. Some of it grew on me.  Swimming lessons made me want to be in the Olympics or become a dolphin trainer. When I began taking singing and dancing, I wanted to be a Pop Star.  haha.  Modeling took a little while longer to kick in.

IO: So with all those extracurriculars, when did you find time to sleep?

K: Growing up, I was on a strict schedule. School…followed by an extracurricular, dinner, homework, and in bed by 9. I was forbidden to watch cartoons and eat in front of the TV. You can say I was a little deprived of a childhood. When I got to high school, I had some more freedom but was still stuck to some of my strict childhood habits.

IO: Wow!  You seem like a hard worker!  What do you do for fun?

K: Dancing! Whether it's a class, at a club or just in my room, it releases stress.

IO: Tell us an embarrassing story about you.

K: I have a lot of small, silly, and kinda slow moments but I'm not really embarrassed about 'em.


IO: So what kind of guy gets attention from a girl like you?

K: Confident, smart, and funny guys.  I'm very friendly and I get along with just about everyone.  Just say hello and I'll say hello back.

IO: What are your turn-offs?

K: Bad breath and body odor.

Ok, now on to some random questions...

IO: Favorite place in the world?

K: The beach.  It's so relaxing.

IO: And what's your least favorite place in the world?

K: Churches, Temples, etc... Religious places make me feel uncomfortable and awkward.

IO: Some of your favorite cars?

K: G35, 240SX, GTR, and is it cliche to say a Lambo? Sorry, I'm indecisve.  haha

IO: Coke or Pepsi?

K: Coca Cola!

IO: XBoX or Playstation?

K: What does wii fall under?  I learned to play wii at a friend’s house recently and it's awesome!

IO: Where's Waldo?

K: huh?

IO: Ummm...nevermind.  Any shoutouts?

K: Mom!  Dad!  I love you!  And to my friends and fans, thank you for all your support!



The Details:

NAME: Krisana Yamapevan aka MissKrisana

Location: New York

AGE: 22

DOB: Nov 28,1988

Height: 5'2

Measurements: 32B-24-34

Weight: 105 lbs




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