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Mandy Monroe

30 Dec, 2011

Sugar, spice and everything nice is really what Mandy is all about. This feisty Toronto native comes from a Chinese/Russian descent and proves that it is ok for a woman to have curves and tattoos. This down to earth humanitarian and animal lover started modeling on and off from the age of 15 and prides herself on showing that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

We got a chance to ask Mandy a few questions about what she's been up to and what she plans to do next:

IO: Hi Mandy, what got you into modeling?

Mandy: I always liked attention... and as I grew older and realized how different my look was; I thought it can't go to waste!

IO: Well, we can't complain with answers like that; what do you like best about modeling?

Mandy: My favorite part of modeling is how I can use it as a popularity tool to reel in people all over the world into my views and insights; that's how I get bring the awareness to all the causes I want to help with.

IO: Have you ever had any plastic surgery done?

Mandy: Yes, at Cool-sculpting Long Island I've had a few light procedures done, although I'd rather not get into the specifics, it's kind of personal to me. They were great to me though and I absolutely loved the results. I might be going back to them soon for another procedure actually.

IO: What causes are you working on?

Mandy: I'm an anti-animal cruelty supporter along with anti-bullying and anti-teen suicide

IO: Busy girl, those are some noble causes; do you have any pets?

Mandy: Yes, I have 4, a Great Dane, 2 Pomeranians and a cat

IO: That's one busy home; do you have time for any hobbies?

Mandy: I read true crime books, but taking care of my 4 pets and advocating my causes through my fan pages takes most of my time

IO: What are your greatest dislike?

Mandy: Pathological liars and cheaters!

IO: Ok, we won't pry in to that (laugh) what are you driving right now?

Mandy: 2001 Honda Prelude

IO: Is that your favorite car?

Mandy: No, mine is a 1981 Chevrolet Camaro

IO: What are your favorite types of events to attend as a model?

Mandy: I love trade shows, especially the bike shows because they make me the feature guest and I get to meet lots of people and sign posters and calendars for them! And of course being surrounded by all those sexy Harleys!

IO: Excellent, can we ask your stats for the fans out there?

Mandy: Sure, 5'1" - 34C-25-36

IO: Awesome, where can fans find you if they don't already know?

Mandy: You can follow my day to day life on Facebook! Also through Twitter:

IO: Awesome, any additional shout outs?

Mandy: I LOVE EVERYONE WHO LOVES ME! 🙂 Now go like my page and make sure you make all your friends like it too 🙂

IO: Thanks Mandy!

Photos by Lucio Fratelli, Eric Nguyen and Peter Michailidis

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