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08 Nov, 2011

I remember when I had my Protege, Brian has one of the coolest purpose built Protege out there. Being only on sale for 2 years, the Protege5 did not have much aftermarket support... With custom made parts, Brian's car always found itself into a thread on the US forums... Purposely built to be a street going go kart, Brian spent alot of time making it that way. Even the gears in the transmission were custom made to specified ratios!

"I really think that Less is More if there is an extreme amount of "Less". Each and every part is selected based on, Function and Reliability, Then It Must never stand out, seem out of place, and it must be part of the rest. I do not want a bunch of parts in a car, I want a Single Perfect Machine."

Coming from the Ottawa area for this photoshoot, I got a chance to finally see all the little parts done to this car. On the outside, its a sleeper, a few might notice the 14" 8 piston brakes... A quick glace on the inside, you would think thats a screen in the center dash. Its just a piece of black cardboard covering the custom wiring for the whole car. There is no radio in this car. Everywhere you look further, everything is so purposely modified. This is a Go-Kart.

-Fully Forged Engine
-Transmission with PAR Straight Cut Gears Set Specified Ratios (2.500, 1.550, 1.100, 0.770, 0.650 Final 4.105)
-Haltech Standalone ECU on Custom Trigger (36-1+1) Sequential Injection
-Direct Fire AEM CDI Coil On Plug conversion Multi Strike
-Quaife ATB LSD
-SPEC Stage 3++ R Pressure Plate and Clutch Disk (425 Ft/Lb Clamp)
-SPEC 6.8 Lb Aluminum Flywheel.
-K-Sport 14" 8 Piston Brake System
-K-Sport Hydraulic Hand brake
-K-Sport RR Aluminum Coil Over suspension
-IQ3 Digital Display Solution
-WORK Emotion Kai 7076 Forged Aluminum Rims, 18" Only 16Lbs
-Full OEM JDM Mazda SPORT 20 Conversion (Front, Rear, Lights, Badges)
-Full Weight Reduction

Spring 2012...
-Front to Rear Carbon Diffuser to generate much needed aerodynamic stability (Flat Bottom with cavity in the middle and rear)
-GT3071 .63 and Re-Tune
-4th Gear (0.725) Taller 3000 RPM = 123 Km per Hour
-5th Gear (0.625) Taller 3000 RPM - 145 Km per Hour

By: Spyder01

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