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08 Aug, 2011

First off, I want to give a big thank you to Full Throttle for organizing such a fantastic show this past Saturday. So many teams and participants, it was definitely a memorable weekend. Big shout out as well to Team Importfest for representing at the show hardcore, Toronto definitely holding it down and showing the Montreal Import scene love whenever they come.

Which brings me to this weekends blog. Car shows always remind me of how great life can be. I've always thought of car shows as a Microcosm of how society is and despite how different people can be, we're all pretty much the same. Whether you prefer Bags over Coilovers, Imports over Domestics, whatever the argument is, there's always two things that we can all agree on;

- Cars are awesome and so is partying!

During my conversations, the question which seems to always come up (especially from out-of-towner's) is about Montreal's awesome night life and "where are the best clubs?" So consider this blog to be your number one resource to help you organize your night, whether your planning a post or pre-car show party, or just looking to have a great time...here are my suggestions...you're welcome Toronto and New York. You know who you are! Haha! So here are some of my favorite clubs, their locations and type of music that's played...

- Muzique (St.Laurent) Two Rooms, Rap and Dance with a terrace.
- Rouge Night Club (St.Laurent) two floors, one floor being strictly Rap/Reggae and the other is dance, rock mixed with some 80's
- Terrace Bonsecours (Old Montreal) One main floor, its a mix of Dance and Rap but more dance. Great atmosphere, doesn't get any
any better than the Old Port.
- Go Go Lounge (St.Laurent) Pure 80's Baby...but very small and intimate atmosphere.
- Light Ultra Club (Crescent Street) Two Floors, one DJ. Rap and Dance.
- Karina (Crescent Street) One Floor, mix of all types of music.
- Finally if you plan on hanging around till Monday and you just have to go out on Sunday, then my friend, your in Luck. You need to hit up Tokyo Bar for Tokyo Sundays. There's an open space Terrace and they play pure Rap music, DJ's are awesome, they mix in a lot of old school with the new stuff but mostly old school and I love it.

So there you have it. If your still undecided, then take it from me, similar to the car shows they all share similar traits. The music is always good, the atmosphere is always fun and the bottles are definitely less expensive than the places I've been to. You can take my word on that, and I've partied in Miami, New York and Vegas. Every single time I went clubbing there, I've always wanted to come back to good ol'Montreal. Just try to call these places in advance to get guest list, preferably one or two days notice, especially for Tokyo, better call at the beginning of the week.

Need more help, as usual, send me an email or follow me on twitter (Twitter.com/ser1ous) send me a message and I'll be glad to help you out. On a side note, support the scene, check out http://www.importfest.com/ these guys know how to put on a show.

In the meantime, peace out and Stay Intuned!

John T.

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