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Rosie Ly

14 May, 2012

If you haven't seen Rosie Ly yet you may add her to your dream girl list. Rosie is a professional makeup artist and hairstylist by day and a stunning model by night. Rosie comes from a Vietnamese background but she was raised and currently resides in Australia. We had a chance to chat with this down to earth sweetheart on her modeling career and how she's enjoying winter so far in the land down under.

IO: How are you Rosie?

Rosie: I'm Freezing!! I'm wearing furry fluffy boots all day and all night because your side of the world stole the sun (laughing)

IO: (laughing) it's called sharing and it's our turn to have it, so how did you get in to modeling?

Rosie: Fate (laughing) Actually, it was quite the accident. I came on location to do Hair and Makeup on a photo shoot and the model never showed up. The photographer had already booked a studio and instead of wrapping up, I was put in front of the camera and VOILA!!

IO: That's awesome, sounds like one of those Hollywood stories, what's your favorite part of modeling so far?

Rosie: It may not seem so but modeling is hard work. It can be relaxed or it can be hectic on a shoot; the highlight for me is learning from the professional team working behind the scenes. We always have a good laugh and the end product is really gratifying too. Hopefully I can show my kids one day and they’d be proud of their Mama!

IO: Do you have a favorite type of event to attend?

Rosie: I’ve modeled at a few Motor Shows we have here in Australia, although fun, a real festival or carnival where I can get Fairy Floss and hot chips with lots of tomato sauce takes my pick. Apparently you guys call it ‘Cotton Candy’ but it will always be ‘Fairy Floss’ here. Represent.

IO: (laughing) Alright, time for a serious question, what are you driving?

Rosie: I drive a manual Black Suzuki Swift and I’ve had her for a year now and she is divine. I Guess I love my girls curvy and well rounded, The Audi HAS to be my next ride. Oh and let me set the record, we don’t ride kangaroos but it sounds like fun though.

IO: Ok, that answers my other question (laughing) what's your dream car?

Rosie: I’ve always loved the Porsche Boxster but this Audi S5 Convertible, DAYUMMM!!

IO: Nice choices, do you have time for any hobbies?

Rosie: I’m really into my music and I try to find time to fit in the rehearsals whenever I can. My muso friends and I do a lot of covers which we take down to the city streets of Melbourne and perform a busking set. I have a love affair with my microphone. I also love family time. My family is my ultimate hobby. NAWW. (laughs)

IO: We're going to hold you to singing for us one day; what are your other likes?

Rosie: Hmm.. I like long walks on the beach… writing our names in the sand… chasing each other in slow motion… (laughs) JOKES, I’m just trolling. I love my girlfriends, they definitely keep me sane. Sparkly things and a perfectly brewed chai latte ALWAYS makes my day. I’m quite a simple person. I try to tolerate and like most things, it helps to be easy going. Appreciation is nice too. Everybody should be more appreciative and respectful.

IO: Any real dislikes?

Rosie: I guess everyone dislikes negativity and I could say the same too, but man are mosquito bites the worst. I actually have this battery operated electric racquet thing that zaps mosquitos and other insects when you wave it at them. I get really into it and look like a bit of a dork but I guess I’m just…competitive? (laughs) Traffic. Yep, not my favorite. I gotta say you can’t dislike anything until you try.

IO: Where can fans find you?

Rosie: You can definitely find me on Facebook. I can live on your newsfeed and we can get personal there [laughs] http://www.facebook.com/rosielypage

IO: Any shout outs?

Rosie: intunedonline.com, friends, family & supporters , you guys rock my world. COME HERE AND GIMME A HUG!! [Laughs]

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