SEMA – 2011

03 Nov, 2011

It's Halloween morning and Intuned Online is just at the beginning of the cross-country trek to SEMA; the premiere aftermarket automotive event. This is the most important event of the year for everyone within the automotive industry attracting media, buyers, manufacturers and exhibitors from around the world. The week long show takes over Las Vegas each year and can be seen from the time you walk in to the airport terminal. As always Intuned Online will not only provide coverage of the show but give you the full day in the life experience.


10:00AM - Depart from Intuned Online HQ to YUL

10:30AM - Baggage Check, Customs, Security... all un-eventful

12:30PM - We're off! not to Las Vegas yet, but for a quick stop in Newark

5:00PM - We're on a plane Mothaf****! 5hrs to go until we're in Sin City

7:30PM (PST) - A long walk through the terminal and hunting down our luggage we are ready to get to the hotel

9:00PM - Just got our taxi (note to self, rent or order a car as the cab stand was insane)

10:00PM - Checked in and off to dinner

11:30PM - A few quick drinks with Konig Wheels

12:00AM - Lights out a big day is coming

Tuesday (Opening Day)

6:00AM - Wake-up call

7:00AM - Arrive at convention center and pick-up our media passes

7:30AM - Although the primary show is inside there's loads of vehicles outside the convention center which needed our attention

9:00AM - Doors open and everyone bum rushed the entrance way; we decided to start our first day in the South Hall for Wheels & Tires

1:00PM - After 4 hours of shooting we take a break and interview Falken Tires model Randyl Dawn

3:00PM - Taxi back to hotel to backup the day and relax before some serious partying

7:00PM - Meet up with our friends from KC Trading Co. and Ontime for dinner and drinks at the Palms

10:00PM - We're at Caesar's Palace (no, the real Caesar didn't live here) we're going to Formula Drift kick-off party at PURE hosted by Carmen Electra

11:00PM - First few rounds are done spotting some familiar faces like Randi from PASMAG and Pro Drifter Dave Briggs

12:30AM - Introductions to Chargespeed, BOMEX and Veilside and some partying in the VIP lounge

3:00AM - Some stumbling through the Casino and a limo ride later we're dropped off at one of the most famous Gentlemen's Clubs in Las Vegas

6:00AM - Alright, we've all heard stories of people going to Las Vegas and disappearing or getting lost by their friends. Well, somewhere between 5am and 6am Ryan was lost (we are going to rename him Hangover Doug)

6:30AM - Everyone's finally back at the hotel and time to get some rest after being up 24hrs staight


11:00AM - Late wake-up call to get ready for the day ahead

12:30PM - VIP Brunch to discuss business

1:00PM - Back at SEMA to start in the Central Hall for Performance

1:45PM - Interview with Mackin Industries to discuss Volk Racing Wheels

2:30PM - Stop by ENEOS to visit High End Performance's Custom R35 GT-R

3:15PM - Introduced to M&M Honda (Tuning Shop) of Japan

3:30PM - Quick Stop at PAS MAG and bump into our friends from Titoboy Approved

4:15PM - Introduced to Junction Produce

5:30PM - Arrive back at the hotel to get some work done and plan out the night

9:00PM - Some Korean BBQ with our friends at M&M Honda and High End Performance

12:00AM - Drinks, Jello shots and gambling...... this is what Las Vegas is all about

3:00AM - Lights Out until tomorrow



7:30AM - Wake up time to prepare for what will be our final day at the show

8:30AM - Meet up with our good friend Jeremy from JAG Imaging to head to the show together

12:00PM - After a quick bite to eat we're off to cover the Ford Formula D demo with Vaughn Gittin Jr. driving a toned down version of his Formula D race car and Justin Pawlak driving a stock Mustang RTR (Ready to Rock) to demonstrate its out of the box potential

1:30PM - Interview with both the car owner and builder of the fully customized VIP 350Z from Japan which was featured at Tokyo Auto Salon and Option2

3:30PM - Bump in to our friend from Titoboy Approved to chill for a bit and begin planning 2012

5:00PM - Show closes for the day and we're off on our next adventure

7:00PM - Hawaiian BBQ with our friends from M&M Honda and High End Performance

9:00PM - Some sightseeing in old Las Vegas on Freemont St. where we found our lost Intuned Panda, Rick James, Tupac and a very creepy Cupid

11:00PM - Arrive at the Falken Tires Party held at the Chateau in the Paris Las Vegas

3:00AM - Breakfast at the Sugar Factory in the Paris

4:30AM - Off to the Airport for our 6:30AM flight

This wraps up our SEMA 2011 adventure and we hope you all enjoyed the ride as much as we did. We've got loads more content coming your way so stay tuned to Intuned Online

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