The Q

20 Jul, 2008

Photography by Daniel Irawan
Editorial by Ryan Jones

In the reporting world the Q usually symbolizes a question being asked by an interviewer as in many of our upcoming articles for Intuned Online. Today however is slightly different as we use the Q to symbolize a testament to JDM VIP greatness. This week’s feature is the VIP Infiniti of Elvin Paule. Elvin’s Q45 out of the factory in 1997 would have suited even the most sophisticated businessman with its smooth ride, stylish looks and 267hp V8 for the daily commute.

The Q or Nissan Cima as it’s called in Japan can also be the best blue print for any VIP enthusiast. Although the aftermarket world is limited; the Q’s style comes directly from the land of the rising sun. The JDM conversion started with the exterior making it more stylish with a body kit from Mode Parfume (Yes, that’s the real name) from Japan including their custom fog lights in the front bumper. The Q gets it ultimate low look from an Air Runner suspension setup which can look great for daily driving or even better when slammed and parked. Elvin had many choices when it came to rims but wanted to keep it VIP, JDM and find something perfect for the ride. The Q ended up getting a very nice set of AME Shallen WX wheels that are 19×9 up front and a crazy 19×10 in the rear.

We’d like to salute Elvin and his sponsors at Autofashion for their hard work for putting this ride together. We’d also like to salute all of our readers like Elvin who also hate their jobs but push through it to get that amazing ride. Stay tuned for more from Intuned.

Make: Infiniti
Model: Q45
Year: 1997



  • Mode Parfume body kit
  • Mode Parfume fog light


  • Air Runner suspension
  • AME Shallen WX 19×9 (front) 19×10 (Rear)
  • Falken 452, 225/35/19 (front), 235/35/19 (Rear)

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