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The SEMA Show 2013

07 Aug, 2014

This is a very special #throwbackthursday for IntunedOnline as we revisit the 2013 SEMA Show almost a complete year after the event to where we are today. The SEMA show has and will always be the premiere aftermarket performance event in our calendars where the best of the best truly come out to shine with builds and innovations.

The story then; from the moment the gates opened with all the builds it seemed the builders from Tra Kyoto (Rocketbunny) and LB Performance (Liberty Walk) were stealing the show. Inside the Nitto booth was the well anticipates LB Performance widebody R35 GTR and their widebody Ferrari 458. We can honestly say that the build up and hype in the social media prior to SEMA was well deserved as the cars looked even better in person.

Another big anticipation for 2013 was the Rocketbunny Version 2 body kit for the Scion FRS; the success of the Scion FRS in North America in addition to the success of the Rocketbunny version 1 kit made the two seem like a match made in heaven. Tra Kyoto had big announcements concerning the Version 2 kit including 2 Formula Drift drivers who had builds which featured the kit (Ken Gushi's 2JZ Powered FRS & Dai Yoshihara's new Formula Drift Subaru BRZ). Rocketbunny had produced the first 6 kits for SEMA and all 6 were displayed in various booths including our very own IntunedOnline/ILoveTanoshi FRS at Konig which was also the first Version 2 kit in Canada.

Another new feature was our colleagues at PAS Mag displaying the final 4 competitors of the Tuner Battlegrounds competition, cars were voted on in various battles moving up the rankings until 4 were left. Attendees of the SEMA show along with fans online could vote for their favorite in the Final Four competition with Salik Zaki's 2005 Scion xA being crowned champion.

It's very hard to single out any of the builds or cars at SEMA because there are so many nice ones but some of our other favorites at the 2013 show included the Pagani Huayra Carbon Edition located inside the GoPro booth, Spoon Sports' RHD CRZ race car located outside in the concourse. There are just too many nice cars to name so I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

As we jump back to the present LB Performance & Rocketbunny are bigger than ever as we build anticipation to the 2014 SEMA show and see what trends can be set for the next year.

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Ryan works to strategically plan the company’s direction; in addition to serving as editor-in-chief. Raised in Montreal, Canada, Jones grew up in an automotive family as a second generation car fanatic, his father being a former ISCA competitor (1950 Mercury). As the apple did not fall far from the tree , Jones has worked on numerous show cars including his own Honda Civic which has been honored with a variety of trophies. In addition to IntunedOnline, Ryan has worked in account and operations management supporting and a variety of Fortune 500 clients.

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