Forza Motorsport Preview

09 Jul, 2010

Turn 10 Studios have been working with the magic of the new "Kinect" technology combined with the power of the "Forza Motorsport" series exploring how players can race and interact with their dream cars in the most immersive and realistic automotive experiences ever imagined.

Turn 10 is celebrating five years of console racing excellence by raising the bar once again, bringing car lovers of all ages and skill levels inside their dream cars and closer to the racing action than ever before - no controller required - with a preview of the next "Forza Motorsport" project.

* The Forza Motorsport Preview is made up of two experiences:

1. Racing - Controller free driving

* With Kinect, you are able to drive and race by simply by putting your hands in front of you at 10 and 2.

* You can move your head to look around the interior. You can even look into the corners as you turn.

* As you'd expect, this experience is running in beautiful HD at a seamless 60 fps.

* Using Kinect and Xbox 360, We're able to marry amazing graphics with fun and intuitive gameplay.

2. Car Experience - Exploration at a whole new level.

* Using Kinect, you can break through the screen and walk up to the car. It is like having the ultimate showroom right in your living room.

* You can walk around and check it out from any angle, you can take a closer look at the minute details .

* When you go to a car show, you can't touch the Ferraris. You certainly can't sit in one. With Kinect you can!

* With Kinect and the Xbox 360, you get unprecedented levels of immersion, previously unattainable and only possible using the Xbox 360.

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