Karine Vandal

02 Aug, 2011

Montreal beauty Karine Vandal is no stranger in front of the camera; she first started modeling at the young age of 17 after studying communication and theater. She grew up in a modest upbringing which explains why she is still so down to earth today and has been featured in numerous prints, calendars, catalogs and magazines all while working on completing her communication-marketing degree. Karine believes in hard work and proves it with every project she takes part in.

We sat down with Karine to find out a little more about her:

IO - What got you in to modeling?

Karine - I've always liked to look at girls in magazines or walking down the runway. This inspired me to make my way through modeling...and I'm a little narcissistic...so..

IO - We're kind of glad that you are (laughing) what's your favorite part about modeling?

Karine - The best part is when you're invited to events .. You meet so many people and this is a great way to see your fans (laughing), Otherwise, every part of a shoot makes me feel good, preparation, makeup, being in front of the camera to seeing the results

Karine - As I've said before, a car show like Full Trottle or even DMCC are definitely the best to attend because you can talk to so many people

IO - What are your other likes?

Karine - Romantic guys , champagne, a nice day at the beach.. TRY NEW COOL THINGS!

IO - Dislikes?

Karine - Cocky Guys, players, winter..

IO - Winter really sucks; we know that modeling takes up a lot of time, do you have any other hobbies when you're note working?

Karine - I like everything that's floating around Drifting or Lapping events, a nice day on a boat, to hang out with friends... Having fun....

IO - What's your favorite car?

Karine - I love the 350Z... I'm looking for buying one in the few weeks to come.

IO - Nice, what are you driving today?

Karine - Nothing... That's why I'm in a rush to find that 350Z that I really want!

IO - Where can your fans find you?

Karine - Everyone can reach me over Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Karine-Vandal/92735429480 - I also have a brand new website - www.karinevandal.com

IO - Any additional shout outs

Karine - I'd like to thank all the people who inspire me constantly with their talent and love. People who give me a chance to do what I love!

Photos by: Dominic Dubreuil and Francois Petit

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