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Maple Leaf Bash Coming This July

24 May, 2011

History will be made this summer and drifting in Canada will never be the same! Maple Leaf Bash is Canadaʼs first large-scale grassroot drift event where the objective is not to compete and win but to KEEP DRIFTING FUN. Drifting originally began as casual entertainment, with people getting together to slide their cars around for amusement. It has now become a world-recognized motorsport, costing thousands of dollars to
participate at the top-most levels and consequently causing drifting to have lost its original values.

Maple Leaf Bash will be a two day drift event at Autodrome St-Eustache (ASE), the undisputed home of drifting in Canada, where drivers and fans alike will experience raw and untamed sideways action. Over the weekend of July 30-31, there will be a total of 24 hours of driving time divided into three classes: A, B and C. These classes allow drivers of all skills and car qualities to participate and have a good time. Group C is a beginner class that will provide drivers the opportunity to complete solo runs, Group B is an intermediate class where drivers can complete both solo and tandem runs and Group A is an expert class where drivers will be let out on the track in a drift train, which contains four to seven cars sliding around the track at all times. For the first time, all drifters will be able to drift the road coarse at ASE. They are extremely excited to experience something new at a place so familiar.

On Saturday night, once the smoke has a chance to clear, all participants and attendees will have the chance to party at the track, compliments of a live DJ and full bar service. Camping will be available for all fans and drivers on site, ensuring that the party goes on all night! “This event is what is missing in Canadian Drifting, it is the only major event where drivers of all skills and car levels can come together and not have to worry about
sponsors or competition, but to drift because it's fun. As a drifter having been to many different events, I am trying to eliminate everything that I have grown to dislike at these competitive events. I am trying to create the best possible atmosphere for all drifters at MLB. This event is truly for drifters by a drifter” says David De Somma, creator of the Maple Leaf Bash.

Club Loose the grassroots drifting Gods in the United States have blessed us and has made the Maple Leaf Bash part of their 2011 season. This is the first time Club Loose has ever come to Canada and we are extremely happy to have them as part of our team.
In 2011 drifting will forever change in Canada all because of the Maple Leaf Bash

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