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A GT-RR x Amuse Collaboration…

15 Jul, 2010

Powerhouse Amuse Japan has developed a special exhaust using our collaborative specifications for worldwide market sales. The new exhaust is known as the “R1000 GT-RR SPL STTI” and is produced by Amuse in Japan using their proprietary STTI (super tough titanium) material.

The exhaust, which was developed in collaboration between GT-RR and Amuse, takes the successful design of Amuse’s prior R1 Titan Extra STTI model and increases the size from 80mm to 90mm to maximize power in higher boost GT-R applications. Additionally, after considering GT-RR’s  research, adjustments to sound tuning were made and the result is a more prominent, supercar-appropriate tone.

For more info and pricing, check out GT-RR.com
R1000 GT-RR SPL STTI Exhaust on GT-RR.com

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