11 Jan, 2013


Each year the automotive industry sees a barrage of new products and accessories. StatiCap was one of the products during the 2012 SEMA show that caught our attention simply because it's so cool. Most people are familiar with the motorized center caps on a Rolls-Royce that ensure the logos are always facing perfectly up, and for car show enthusiasts setting up the car with your center caps matching can be a huge challenge. StatiCap has developed the technology to have customizable center caps that always stay positioned correctly on your vehicle no matter how much you drive it.

StatiCap is the answer to wheel center cap rotation, logo invisibility and the wheel uniformity. The product is patented in the United States, EU and GCC nations and trademarked in the USA. All parts are luxuriously manufactured in Europe. "StatiCap is going to be the next generation of car accessories", said Mazen Salah founder and CEO of StatiCap.

Quality Material and Manufactured

The extremely high quality non-rotating wheel center cap is manufactured in Europe from durable ABS plastic. The curved-face emblem is made from aluminum, covered by a scratchproof paint. The whole product is water-resistant and self-cleaning. The exciting next phase of product development will include the option to further customize the caps with alternate materials such as carbon fiber, gold, silver or precious stones to really personalize the design.

Easy Installation

The cap can be installed by anyone in less than 10 seconds. Simply follow the installation instructions on the box, using the plastic center cap removal tool provided.


Proudly StatiCap is protected with a global patent, an international trademark, an international design certificate and it outmatched 16 previously patented inventions based on similar concepts. It is the advance technology, the precise engineering, the high quality and the creative design that makes StatiCap so unique and desirable.

For more information check out their website StatiCap

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